House Blend Coffee Beans


Premium Nepali Coffee with a smooth blend grown in the majestic Mountains of Nepal.


A perfect blend of coffee from different Himalayan regions of Nepal. 

A blend of small batches and unique lots from our own farm in Dhankuta and like-minded small farms in other Himalayan regions of Nepal.

1.      Direct from the farm to your door

2.      Washed processed Coffee.

3.      Natural and traditional drying processes

4.      Deep roasting technique

Taste a balance of smooth sweetness and clean citrus highlights presented in a deep, dark, and slightly smoky cup. Notes of citrus flavor and fruit give this expression bright acidity tempered. Slightly sweet and creamy in texture.

When you pour a cup of a Baari house blend coffee, you should expect to fall somewhere in the middle of a light roast and dark roast and have intermediate flavor.

House Blend Coffee Beans

Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 30 cm


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